This is Beechwood…

The Beechwood Estate is a collection of houses to the west of Birkenhead. The estate was built in the 60s to house people who were moved from the north end of Birkenhead. It was designed to provide a better standard of housing for those people. Most of the housing on the estate is former council owned – now owned and managed by the Beechwood and Ballantyne Community Housing Association – or belongs to other housing associations which have built some new properties in recent years.  There have also been some private developments, as well as some former council homes now in private hands through the ‘right to buy’ scheme.

The estate is one of three large estates in the area, along with Noctorum and Woodchurch that line the M53 motorway between junctions 1 and 3. Beechwood itself is a strangely isolated place due to the way it was built and the surround area. There is one road onto the estate at the northern end, and one road onto the estate at the southern end. To the North of the estate is Bidston village, a significantly different community to Beechwood. To the west is the trainline from Bidston to Wales and the M53, with no foot or vehicle access across either from the estate. To the south is the A5027 and a significatly different series of houses called ‘the lake district’, with Noctorum beyond them. To the east is Bidston hill, with a string of nice houses nestled to its side. This community is a contrast to Beechwood, and this contrast is highlighted by the lack of access from the estate into this area. Currently, there is one temporary access road from Beechwood Drive, but this will be closed in the near future with only a foot path remaining. The extra distance for a taxi driving to the middle of Beechwood from Birkenhead without using this temporary access road adds upwards of £2 to every journey.
Beechwood Chapel has existed on its current site on the estate for over 30 years, and over these years, a number of people from the estate have come to know Jesus as their saviour. The challenges of effectively reaching Beechwood are many and varied, but the joy of meeting people and sharing the gospel with them, often for the first time, is unmatched.

At Beechwood Chapel, we want to make and grow disciples of Jesus. We want to do this by effectively reaching the community through friendships and events, sharing the news of Jesus with them, opening the Bible with them and encouraging them to become followers of him. We then want to teach these people and our current congregation through effective and faithful Bible teaching and study.

Our hope and prayer is that we will see many people from this unique community come to know and serve Jesus Christ for God’s glory.