This is our church…

Beechwood Chapel is a group of christians who have been meeting together on the Beechwood estate since 1973. Having moved into the current building, on 5th Ave, in 1976, the church has sought to teach the Bible faithfully and introduce the people of Beechwood estate and the surrounding areas to the good news about Jesus.
As a church, our vision is to introduce people to Jesus and grow together as his followers for God’s glory.

What do we mean by this?

Introducing people to Jesus: We believe that the mission of the church globally includes sharing the good news about Jesus contained in the Bible. We want to do this by whatever means we can, to show people that by God’s grace, we can know him and be right with him through the work of Jesus. Evangelism – the declaring of the good news – is therefore central to all we do.

Growing together as his followers: We believe that another role of the church is to teach the people in the church, whether they trust Jesus yet or not. We believe that the Bible is the word of God and as such it contains everything we need to teach one another. The pattern for christian life is for believers to go through a process known as sanctification – becoming more like Jesus. That is what we mean by “growing together as his followers”.

For God’s glory: We beleive that the church is called to bring God glory – to worship him. We do this together as a church family in our lives and in services together, as well as in doing the above things.
We want to see people come to know and trust Jesus as their saviour and follow him in their lives.

Getting ready for John and Amanda’s wedding in July 2012